I got my order, but...

Do I have to refrigerate my shake overnight before drinking? Can I drink it right away?

You can drink it right away, if you're in a hurry! But most people find it tastes better after several hours in the fridge, and some people find that they digest it better that way too.

If you want to drink it same-day, an hour or two in the fridge is usually enough to get you most of the way there. And if you like a thinner texture, an hour is also a good compromise to mellow out the taste a bit without letting the mixture get too thick.

My shakes are separating into layers. Is that normal? How do I prevent that?

It's normal for some separation to occur over time. The typical approach is just to shake it right before drinking, to mix it back up.

But you might find that it gets particularly thick at the bottom and difficult to remix after several hours in the fridge. You can prevent this by shaking the whole thing a second time, just an hour or two after you first mix it.

Using less liquid can help too, if you don't mind a thicker drink.

I notice orange streaks or black dots in my shakes. What are those?

The orange streaks are from beta carotene, the vitamin A precursor that lends an orange color to many fruits and vegetables. The black dots are from iron or other minerals. It's normal! :)

I see dark spots in my shakes that seem to grow bigger over time. Is that mold?

If you have the v1.1 formula, then no, those spots aren't mold! They're actually from the phytonutrient quercetin in our vitamin mix, which turns dark as it reacts with the water. If you shake it up again, the spots should mix in and fade away - unlike mold.

The powder smells fishy and my shakes taste fishy too! What's wrong?

There's no fish (or any animal products) in these shakes, but occasionally you might get a tub where the algae-based omega-3 powder we add for DHA has oxidized, adding an unwelcome hint of seafood to the mix.

If this happens, just reply to your order email and let us know, and we'll send you a free replacement. :)

My BURN shakes are turning out inexplicably watery and flavorless. What's up?

We've found that the BURN powder is fluffier than expected, so the included 90cc scoop is not quite big enough for one serving. Sorry about that. :/

We recommend using 2 level scoops of a standard ¼ cup (60ml) measuring cup per meal instead, or a digital kitchen scale. That should fix your problem.

Something tastes weird or chemical or metallic or bland about the shakes. Can you help?

If the shakes taste bad even after a night in the fridge, that's definitely not normal! Sometimes there can be inconsistent mixing within a batch, where there might be a bit too much or too little of a certain ingredient.

If you notice something off about the taste, you can start by shaking the powder within the tub in case that evens out any inconsistencies. Mix up another meal and refrigerate it overnight before comparing.

If that doesn't help, please reply to your order email and describe what weirdness you're tasting. Most likely, the problem is on our end and we'll be happy to send you a free replacement. :)

I have a question that’s not answered here.

No problem! You can ask your question by email: hello@basicallyfood.com